The Company exports over 85% of its turnover in 29 Countries, where importers and official distributors have created a network. In Italy, the per capita consumption of coffee is 5,4 kg/year, while in other Countries it is much higher, as for example in Luxemburg with 16,7 kg – in Finland with 12 kg – in the Netherlands with 10 kg – in Denmark and Sweden with 8 kg – etc.
Moncafè is served in thousands of cafeterias across the globe, spread into all the continents, where you can taste a first-rate espresso or cappuccino. In every corner of the world you have the opportunity to enjoy a much-appreciated break to drink a good “Moncafè”: along the highway, in a stop-off bar, in a “typical cafeteria”.
The consumption of coffee, in the various Countries, is not limited to the preparation of the cold or warm infusion; there are several recipes and consumption habits, as there are different preparation methods.

Based on the local traditions and customs of the various places where you may be, the way of tasting coffee changes. However, whether you mix it with milk or correct it in different ways you may like, it is always a good way to enjoy a pleasing “Moncafè”. In Italy, from region to region, the consumer tastes markedly vary. In the South the espresso coffee must be strong, creamy, with a strong aftertaste, with a prevalence of bitter shades; in the North, they prefer it more delicate with a sweetish aftertaste, deriving from a medium roast.
Abroad the espresso coffee has substantially different characteristics: indeed, they prefer a “long coffee”, often drank from a mug or a big paper cup, while walking or travelling on public transport.
However, at every latitude, a coffee break is a valuable opportunity to meet, to get to know each other, to have a chat. It is a way to mark, just like in the old days, the slow passage of time.








The Company, with its wide range of products operates in the following markets:

  • Austria – Vienna
  • Australia – Melbourne
  • Albania – Tirana, Durres, Vlora
  • Bulgaria – Blagoevgrad
  • Canada – Montreal
  • South Korea – Seoul
  • Kosovo – Pristina, Peje, Prizren
  • Egypt – Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada
  • France – Chartres
  • Greece – Athens, Ioannina, Patras, Corfu, Ygoumenitza, Corinth, Mykonos, Syros, Tinos, Andros, Santorini, Tripoli
  • Germany – Berlin
  • England – London, York
  • North Macedonia – Skopje, Ohrid
  • Maldives – Male
  • Montenegro – Ulcinj
  • Czech Republic – Liberec
  • Republic of Moldova – Chisinau
  • Romania – Cluj-Napoca
  • USA – Chicago, New York