The final quality of the Moncafè espresso is the result of a process where all the stages have to be scrupulously complied with. It all starts with the choice of the best raw materials available on the market, that are imported after careful selection carried out directly in the Countries of origin. The subsequent stage is a combination of the experience and knowledge of the roasting processes and the research and innovation in the production processes. For this reason, Moncafè has invested in a cutting-edge plant, fully automated and environmentally safe, able to ensure a production capacity of 300.000 kg of coffee per month. The whole process starts by inserting the green coffee in the silos only after selecting each bean on the densimetric table so as to guarantee the highest quality standard. Before being roasted, the beans are pre-heated and thus better prepared to roasting, a stage that is carried out at low temperatures, in a natural, gradual and slow manner. After the cooling process, which is rigorously air-based to ensure a superb rendering and a low humidity rate, and after a further selection, the packaging process starts. It is carried out with the help of new generation machines using four-fold materials able to protect the bags from moisture and temperature variations, and to ensure the highest quality to the final customer.


Efficient logistic organization

Because of high technology and an efficient organization, Moncafè enjoys a leadership position in the supply service also in the demanding and competitive foreign markets. One of the keys to the success of Moncafè, its vast experience in logistics, guarantees thoroughly organized and always timely shipments.