1997, a leap in quality:
a new extremely modern plant
is built to increase
production capacity.

The Sampietro brothers founded the Company “Moncafè” in 1975. They boasted a long-standing experience as distributors and maintainers of professional espresso coffee machines. The very first moments were not easy even though they were exciting and unforgettable for the enthusiasm put in motion for the new venture. The first non-industrial roasting machine, purchased second hand, was placed in a small facility in the heart of Pulsano, the home town of the family. All the processing stages were entirely manual and were carried out with small machinery. It was hard to overcome competition with the national giants. But slowly, thanks to the commitment, to the spirit of sacrifice and dedication and to the product quality, the number of orders became increasingly substantial, also many clients abroad were also acquired. Finally, in 1997, a leap forward in quality was made.

The family engaged itself in a very strong financial and production effort to meet the changing needs of a growing market, building a new extremely modern plant with an excellent and high-quality production capacity and able to respond quickly to orders coming from all over the world. In the last years the expansion process has not stopped. The two 120 kg roasters dating back to ‘97 have been replaced with an ultra-modern 360 kg automatic roaster. The plant has been fully automated and computerized with the installation of a robotic system. Today, Moncafè exports in over 28 Countries with the cooperation of dozens of importers who distribute and take care of the products directly on site. Underpinning all of this, there is always the spirit that led to the birth of the Company and that has been handed down to the second generation. A true “Family passion” for coffee.